Keep up with your skills during summer at our 3-day tumbling skills camps! These are intensive, high-energy workouts for athletes wanting to maintain and improve their skills for the coming year. We will focus time on the spring floor and trampoline to gain new skills and perfect old ones.

#1 June 11th-13th      9AM-12PM
#2 June 18th-20th      9AM-12PM
#3 July 9th-11th      9AM-12PM
#4 July 16th-18th      9AM-12PM

#5 August 1st-3rd      9AM-12PM (MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL/ADVANCED)

Get ahead over the summer with our tumbling skills intensives! Our three day tumbling skills camps are high energy workouts for the athlete trying to maintain skills over the break or wanting the extra push to get the new skill. All skill levels are invited to the camps and work on body positions and skills to achieve the next level.

We work front tumbling, back tumbling and transitions. We spend time perfecting the round off form for maximum power.

We have active warm up and stretch time and lots of handstands!! Then we do basic body positions and move as quickly as we can to all the surfaces. we use the spring floor, air mats, trampolines, rod floors, and even some hard floor time.

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One day camps are the newest camp on the block at ATA. These camps are open to 7th grade and above. Camps will fuse together an intensive stretch and dynamic warm up, an hour and 15 minutes of tumbling, a full body plyo workout targeting explosive muscle power and finishing with a restorative stretch.

#0 June 1st      9:30AM-11:30AM
#1 June 8th      9:30AM-11:30AM
#2 June 15th      9:30AM-11:30AM
#3 June 22nd      9:30AM-11;30AM
#4 July 6th      9:30AM-11:30AM
#4 July 20th      9:30AM-11:30AM
#6 July 27th      9:30AM-11:30AM


TumbleFit camps were introduced last year and were incredibly successful, These camps are for intermediate and advanced athletes 7th grade and up. the training includes yoga, flexibility training, prior to the tumbling workout and plyometric and body weight work after. It is an incredible class designed for the athlete that wants to move and tumble better.

The tumbling work out will be extreme and new skills will be experimented and worked on though out the summer.



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