ACA All Star Cheer 2020/2021 Information

Cheer Info

On behalf of ATA and our Austin Cheer Academy All Star program staff, we encourage you to become a part of our ACA family! We have learned a lot in our first year and we are looking forward to an even better cheer program for next season!

We have prepared the following information to help you understand the commitment level that we expect from our ACA All Star Cheer athletes and families. Please take time to read over the following and let us know if you have any questions.

Attendance/Commitment Level:

The ACA program offers athletes an opportunity to experience the excitement of All-Star  cheer with the ability to still maintain a reasonable life balance. Our training schedule is well planned for efficient practices and fiscally responsible financial obligation. To make this happen and be successful, it is necessary for ACA and our athletes to be fully committed to our teams. Every athlete needs to make every effort to attend all choreography camps, practices, competitions, etc. The schedule will be communicated before the season begins in order for the athlete to plan accordingly and determine if they can make the commitment.

Competition Information:

ACA’s athletes 5 - 18 years old (as of August 31st, 2020) will learn a competitive cheer routine which includes tumbling, jumping, stunting, and dance. ACA All Star teams will compete in 5 competitions this next season. Dates and locations to be determined and will be released as soon as available. Most will be within driving distance (San Marcos, San Antonio, Round Rock) and plan for 1 competition in Houston and 1 in Dallas.

Team Practice Dates/Times: *Double check that you do not have any conflicts w/ the scheduled dates prior to a placement on a team*. 

Required Practice Dates/Camps: *More program specific calendars will be given as teams begin practicing and competition schedules are released.

6/6 and 6/7 (Time TBD): Skill Evaluation options if not currently enrolled in a class. 


Sunday, June 21st: Summer practices begins 

Sunday, 8/2: full team practices will begin (Sunday afternoon/evenings and Wednesdays/Times TBD and are typically 2 hours on Sundays and 1.5 hours on Wednesdays. Times will be set when we determine the number of teams we create based on the number of athletes, etc.)

Saturday 8/8: – Sunday 8/9: Choreographer Run Routine Stunt Workshop

Thursday, 8/13, Friday, 8/14 and Saturday, 8/15: Choreography Camp

All Star Cheer Team Payment Information:

$40 Registration for new athletes not enrolled in a class

$295 Monthly Tuition for (7 payments) August/September/October/November/December/January/February

$175 Summer Cheer Tuition (billed first week of June and covers June/July Cheer Classes- Sunday’s Only as able)

Other Fees not included in monthly tuition:

USASF Fee: $35

Choreography/Music Fees: $300

Uniform: $450

Bow: $40

Shoes: ~ $100-~$120

Choreographer Run Routine Stunt Workshop: $75

Basic skills we are looking for the ACA program:

Athletes will be placed on teams based on skill level and age.

*Talk to one of the coaches if you have questions!*

Level 2 Tumbling Requirements

Standing BHS

BHS step out

Cartwheel BHS

Running Round off BHS

Front walk over Round off BHS

Level 3 Tumbling Requirements

Standing multiple BHS

Jumps connected to a BHS

Jumps to multiple BHS

BHS step out to Round of BHS back tuck

Cartwheel Back tuck

Cartwheel BHS step out back tuck

Round off back tuck

Round off BHS back tuck

Front walk over BHS back tuck

BHS Step out & transition in to running tumbling

Punch front

Punch front step out to RO BHS back tuck


Level 4 Tumbling Requirements

Standing BHS back tuck 

Standing back tuck

Jumps connected to a BHS tuck 

Jumps to back tuck 

BHS step out to round off BHS layout

Cartwheel layout step out

Cartwheel BHS step out layout

Round off layout

Round off layout step out

Round off BHS Layout/Layout step out

Front walkover/punch front BHS back tuck

Whip pass to  layout/layout step out

Registration Packets and Forms:

Forms/contracts are in the works with finalized calendars, cheer competition dates/locations and will be available soon and are pending with the consideration of COVID-19 and all the rules/requirements. . 

Completed registration forms/packets will be due by no later than Wednesday, June 3rd.

Teams will be finalized by July 31st


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