COVID-19 Precautions

Please know, I am trying my best to keep ATA as safe and clean as possible. At this point, we have had nopositive cases of COVID-19 but, knowing that more and more of our athletes are in school, attending more activities, we need to make sure everyone is aware on how we are handling things.

Thank you in advance for reading and following procedures and thank you thank you thank you for getting the athletes back in the door.

COVID Precautions/requirements for ATA:

1) Athlete temperature checks at the door. Any parent that needs to stay will be required to wear a mask unless they are socially distanced.  If you do not need to stay in the gym, I would ask that you don’t.

2) Kids/athletes will not be required to wear a mask during tumbling/conditioning, etc because it can be a safety issue.  Wearing a mask during class is optional.   *If you as a parent/guardian want your child to wear a mask, that is between you and your child. We cannot enforce this.

3) Hand Sanitizer is available throughout the gym and coaches, parents and athletes are being asked to use it frequently and liberally.

4) Social distancing during stretch and warm up

5) Masks on all coaches full time

6) Asking that all athletes and coaches maintain distance as best we can.

7) Fogging the gym with a viral disinfectant periodically throughout the day.

8) We will be taking attendance at the beginning of each class to keep track of our athletes - There are NO drop ins. Athletes should only attend the classes that they are registered/paid for.  *Note that Open Gym numbers vary each week based on the number of attendees


If your child is exposed to COVID -19:

We would ask that if your child has had a known exposure to the virus that they don't return to the gym for 10 days and that they have a negative COVID - 19 test before returning. We have to do our best to eliminate exposures as best we can to keep our doors open!

Help us keep ATA safe for our kiddos and do your part to help us!

**A waiver of liability must be submitted online for each family.  You can click on this link to fill it out.

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